The Serial 1 e-bike spinoff from Harley-Davidson is currently available for purchase, featuring the

Derek Larke

Harley-Davidson has unveiled its Serial 1 Cycle Company spinoff, an electric bike manufacturer aimed at aligning with Harley-Davidson’s commitment to environmentally friendly initiatives. Initially showcasing the Number One prototype, an e-bike paying homage to the early days of the MoCo, subsequent designs seemed to steer away from this nostalgic approach.

In response to customer feedback, Serial 1 is now bringing the Number One into production, with limited availability. Interestingly, the bike has been rebranded as Mosh/Tribute, a name seemingly targeting both the skateboarding community and retro enthusiasts simultaneously. While the name change may raise eyebrows, Harley-Davidson, through its Serial 1 subsidiary, encourages a mental connection between these e-bikes and the original Harley-Davidson machines. Notably, the Number One prototype, the oldest known Harley-Davidson, resides in the company’s Milwaukee museum.

Serial 1 describes the Mosh/Tribute as closely adhering to the original prototype, featuring glossy black paint with gold graphics, distinctive white-toned Schwalbe Super Moto-X tires exclusive to Serial 1, a handcrafted honey-colored leather saddle, matching leather grips from Brooks England, and a stamped-brass shield on the front signature light.

Underneath the unique aesthetics, the Mosh/Tribute maintains the features of the standard MOSH/CTY model, including the maintenance-free Gates Carbon Drive belt, powerful Brose mid-mount motor, smooth TRP hydraulic disc brakes, internally routed cables and wires, and integrated lighting.

Priced at $5,999, the Mosh/Tribute boasts premium components, positioning it as a high-quality product rather than a budget roadster manufactured in China. Serial 1 plans to produce only 650 bikes, with many models already sold out. The company is currently offering Medium-sized models, with deliveries expected by Christmas. For residents of Ontario, this presents a unique opportunity to own a piece of Harley-Davidson history with a modern, electric twist.