The customized Harley-Davidson Street 500 Bobber flaunts a paint job paying homage to Evel Knievel.

Brisbane-based Black Cycles may not be as well-known as some of Australia’s other custom bike shops, but they certainly excel in their craft. Frontman Noel Muller is never satisfied with mediocrity, ensuring that each project is a home run. The stunning bobber pictured above is no exception.

Commissioned last year by a client named Jacob as an unforgettable Christmas gift for his brother, this build started with a Harley-Davidson Street 500 that had only 350 kilometers (217 miles) on the odometer. With such a fresh donor bike, Noel focused primarily on cosmetic and structural enhancements.

After dismantling the XG500, Noel converted its frame to a hardtail with intricate fabrication work at the back. He then sourced a beautiful pair of aftermarket tubeless wheels, significantly lighter than the stock ones. The rear wheel was fitted with ease, but the front required extensive modifications to the triple clamps and wheel hub. Additionally, the front brake was upgraded with Brembo components. The original Harley forks were retained but shortened by 120 millimeters (4.7 inches) to achieve a balanced stance.

The bodywork features a repurposed Sportster fuel tank with a flush-mounted filler cap. The tank’s underside and the XG500 fuel pump were heavily modified to fit the new setup. Noel crafted the front fender from the original part and replaced the rear mudguard with an aftermarket option. The bike also sports a sprung bobber-style saddle with black leather upholstery and ample padding for comfort.

Below the seat, what appears to be a cylindrical oil tank is actually a storage unit for the Street 500’s electronics, created with assistance from Justin Holmes at PopBang Classics. The cockpit boasts clip-on handlebars and digital Motogadget instrumentation, among other features. The bike is equipped with a stylish aftermarket headlamp and multi-function LEDs from Kellermann at the rear.

Engine modifications are limited to the breathing system, featuring a premium S&S intake module and a Two Brothers Racing two-into-one exhaust. Justin also contributed to the paint job, applying a white base with red and blue graphics, creating a livery that pays clear homage to Evel Knievel. The result is a superb-looking bike from front to back.