Austin Butler sported a classic Buco jacket at 'The Bikeriders' Sydney press conference.

Standing beside a Harley Davidson motorcycle, Austin donned a Harley Davidson t-shirt paired with a vintage Buco leather jacket from What Goes Around Comes Around.

While some might view this as overly thematic, akin to wearing a tennis dress for a tennis movie or dressing in pink for a Barbie film press tour, it felt fitting given the film's focus on a Midwestern motorcycle club.

Unlike Joey from 'Friends' who famously overloaded on Porsche gear to portray a Porsche owner, Austin's attire seemed more like a respectful nod to the film's subject rather than an exaggerated costume.

It's unlikely that Austin will exclusively wear vintage leather jackets throughout the press tour, considering his penchant for Saint Laurent and Gucci suits.

Similarly, it's not expected that he and his co-star, Jodie Comer, will opt for matching leather boiler suits à la Posh and Becks at the world premiere—although that would certainly inject some fun into their promotional endeavors.

Instead, Austin's ensemble at the press conference can be viewed as a one-time homage to the iconic motorcycle brand, adding to the film's authentic atmosphere.