100th Birthday Celebration on a Harley-Davidson

Elsie Godo's 100th birthday was marked by a thrilling adventure aboard a shiny red Harley-Davidson, adorned in her stylish leather jacket. As she prepared for the ride on Tuesday morning, her radiant smile spoke volumes. For Elsie, May 28 wasn't just another day; it was a century of life celebrated in style at MorningView Village Assisted Living in Maryville.

With Jimmy Anderson and Steve Brooks at the helm, Elsie, now a centenarian, embarked on a 20-25 minute journey through the scenic routes of the Great Smokies. Accompanied by a police escort from the Maryville Police Department, the spirited centenarian gleefully embraced the title of "motorcycle mama."

As Elsie set off on her Harley, fellow residents cheered her on from the center's bus, forming her very own fan club. Passersby joined in, honking their support as she cruised down the parkway. Chelsea Rayfield, the Activities Coordinator, orchestrated the surprise bus parade, adding to the jubilant atmosphere.

Returning from her exhilarating ride, Elsie was greeted by loved ones and friends at MorningView. Amidst bouquets of flowers and stacks of well-wishes, she basked in the warmth of companionship. From Texas to Mississippi, friends and family came together to celebrate this remarkable milestone.

Despite her petite frame, Elsie exudes independence and vitality, evident in her commitment to teaching line dancing classes at MorningView. As she sat at her party table, adorned with a tiara, Elsie reflected on the day's events with sheer joy. The motorcycle ride, in particular, left her exhilarated, longing for more adventures.

With each passing year, Elsie's zest for life only grows stronger, proving that age is merely a number in the grand scheme of a life well-lived.