The Harley-Davidson Gold King is like a Rolex on wheels, crafted for the most unusual reasons.

The realm of custom motorcycles, particularly within the domain of Harley-Davidsons, brims with boundless creativity. Over time, we've witnessed this creativity manifest in myriad ways, often celebrating original concepts but occasionally paying homage to something else entirely.

Such tribute builds typically stem from significant events or narratives intertwined with the bike's journey. This rings true for the extensively modified 2006 Harley-Davidson Road King we're spotlighting, albeit with a narrative less glamorous and riveting than one might anticipate.

The Road King stands tall as a pinnacle within Harley's illustrious lineup of motorcycles, leading the charge among the Grand American Touring bikes, now sold as the Road King Special. Even in its factory configuration, it exudes excellence, earning accolades as "a majestic bagger with formidable power." So esteemed is its stature that it's among the trio of Harley models offered to law enforcement nationwide, alongside the Road Glide and the Electra Glide.

While the global custom bike scene occasionally embraces this platform for extraordinary projects, it perhaps doesn't receive the attention it truly deserves. However, when ventured upon, it's with the intent to astonish. This brings us to the subject of today's two-wheeled marvel.

The 2006 Road King before us today bears no resemblance to its stock form. Once a police cruiser, it now flaunts an extravagant display of gold embellishment - genuine gold plating, not merely a superficial paint job.

This iteration of the bike, dubbed the Gold King (aptly so), is the brainchild of California's Rundlett Performance & Machine, aided by Starside Designs and Bryon Airbrushing. It stands as nothing short of a Rolex watch on wheels.

Now, I mentioned earlier that this bike's genesis stems from a rather peculiar reason. That reason being not a direct homage to Rolex or a significant milestone in the luxury watchmaker's history, but rather, a billboard.

The owner, Xavier Fields, a custom builder, was inspired to infuse the Rolex theme into his build after passing a billboard for the brand while cruising down a freeway, finding its allure compelling enough to integrate into his creation.

Before delving further, it's worth noting that while luxury custom Harley-Davidsons aren't unprecedented, the Gold King marks the first and seemingly only Rolex-themed build to date.

As is customary with such endeavors, while retaining some core components, the bike underwent significant enhancements elsewhere. Nestled within its stock frame lies a beefier powerplant sourced from Harley-Davidson, a 117ci engine. Modified with S&S components including cam, lifters, cylinders, and pushrods, it now churns out a staggering 152 horsepower and 138 foot-pounds of torque, paired with a five-speed transmission to harness the power effectively.

Wrapped in black with opulent gold plating adorning various components, from the engine covers to the front fork, every chrome detail has been transformed. Even the colossal 30-inch front wheel boasts the golden touch.

Concealed by the bags, the rear wheel measures a modest 18 inches in diameter, supported by a suspension system from Speed by Design.

Further elevating its allure, the bike's sound system received an upgrade with a Kicker head unit, while the fuel tank underwent stretching for added visual impact. Everywhere one looks, engravings bearing the Rolex crown abound.

Crafted over 18 months, the bike saw minimal use, evident from its meager odometer reading of 149 miles (240 km).

We bring up the Harley-Davidson Gold King now because it's slated for auction at the start of next month, courtesy of Mecum in Glendale, Arizona. Details regarding its construction cost or the owner's anticipated sale price remain undisclosed (the auction appears to have a reserve). Rest assured, we'll provide updates on the outcome of the sale as soon as they're available.