What is the total count of Harley-Davidson models and categories available?

Throughout the years, Harley-Davidson has introduced a staggering array of models, ranging from revamped classics to entirely new innovations. Keeping track of this diverse lineup can be daunting for enthusiasts and newcomers alike. Fortunately, the company organizes its extensive catalog into distinct categories, making navigation more manageable.

Harley-Davidson classifies the majority of its motorcycles into five main families, each catering to specific design and usage preferences. These families, officially termed "families" by the company, group similar models together based on shared characteristics. Here's a breakdown of these families, the number of categories within each, and an approximate count of models in each category:

The Harley-Davidson lineup spans across five families:

  • Cruisers: Designed with simplicity and accessibility in mind, appealing to a broad consumer base.
  • Grand American Touring: Crafted for long-distance journeys, offering comfort and endurance.
  • Sport: Emphasizing speed and agility, ideal for enthusiasts seeking high-performance rides.
  • Adventure Touring: Built to tackle off-road adventures while maintaining on-road capabilities.
  • Trikes: Recognizable by their three-wheel design, providing stability and comfort.

As of 2024, Harley-Davidson offers 24 distinct motorcycle models across its various families. This includes eight Cruisers, such as the Low Rider ST and the Hydra-Glide Revival, and eight Grand American Touring models, including the iconic Road Glide. The other categories feature smaller selections, with Sport comprising three models, Adventure Touring two, and Trike also three. It's important to note that some models are variations of others, like the Nightster and the Nightster Special.

Determining the total number of Harley-Davidson motorcycle models throughout history is a more challenging task. Factoring in discontinued lines like the Harley-Davidson XLCR and the Harley-Davidson Peace Officer, the count exceeds 50 different production models.

What's the most popular Harley-Davidson model? Harley-Davidson Identifying the most popular Harley-Davidson motorcycle proves tricky due to the diverse options across various categories. However, models catering to beginner riders, particularly within the cruiser category, could be considered top contenders due to their broad appeal. Alternatively, an iconic model from a different category also vies for popularity.

The Sportster motorcycle, introduced in 1957, stands out as a historic and enduring symbol of Harley-Davidson's legacy. Over the years, the Sportster has undergone numerous revisions and variations, cementing its status as a beloved classic. Notably, the Sportster played a pivotal role in establishing Harley-Davidson's Sports family of bikes, a category it still represents.

Among the current Sportster lineup, the Sportster S leads the pack. Featuring a liquid-cooled Revolution Max 1250T engine generating 93 ft-lb of torque and reaching 121 HP at 7500 rpm.