Jason Momoa's 'On The Roam' Collection by Harley-Davidson Just Expanded Further.

Jason Momoa embodies the type of Hollywood star you'd want as a drinking buddy; his vibe exudes the excitement of a golden retriever being praised. What's more, he's deeply passionate about motorcycles, engaging in documentaries, extensive rides, and collaborations with renowned figures in the motorcycling world. Teaming up with Harley-Davidson for his 'On The Roam' brand apparel line was a natural fit.

Their partnership proved so successful that they're back at it again, unveiling new additions, color variations, and more, all recently showcased by Momoa on Instagram. The collaboration's genesis last summer was hailed as a celebration of Momoa's reverence for Harley-Davidson's values of freedom and authenticity, seamlessly melding with his distinctive aesthetic.

Now, after the initial collection's triumph, they've broadened the range to include an array of apparel, from fresh t-shirts and hoodies to pants and even a leather jacket. Judging from the glimpses on Harley's site and Momoa's video teaser, the gear is top-notch.

Personally, I'm drawn to the hoodies and henleys, but everything appears to boast Momoa's signature style and high quality. It's intriguing to witness a brand like Harley-Davidson collaborate with someone outside its traditional demographic, showcasing a broader appeal.

Reflecting on the collection's launch, Momoa expressed, "The On The Roam collection was born out of my love for Harley-Davidson. In this collection, we honor 120 years of Harley-Davidson, embracing the adventure, empowering us to write our own story—the freedom to wander in the wild and live in the moments."