Transform Your Ride: 5 Affordable Harley Davidson Accessories

Instantly recognizable by their imposing presence and the distinct rumble of their big V-twin engines, Harleys stand apart from anything else in the biking world. Their popularity has endured for well over a century, spanning multiple generations of riders. With the largest range of customization options of any motorcycle manufacturer, Harley-Davidson embodies freedom and individuality.

Harley owners have an abundance of choices when it comes to personalizing their bikes. The brand enjoys unparalleled recognition and a dedicated following, complemented by a robust aftermarket that allows for extensive customization. While parts and accessories can be pricey, you don't have to break the bank to stand out. Here’s a comprehensive list of five affordable yet practical and stylish Harley Davidson accessories, most of which you can pick up for £50 or less.

Fender Bibs

If you’re transitioning from riding with a passenger to going solo, a fender bib can replace the pillion seat and cover any scratches or marks left behind. Every Harley owner wants a clean-looking bike, and bespoke Harley Davidson fender bibs are a great way to achieve that.

Fender bibs come in various shapes and designs, with the tapered and standard “U” shapes being the most common. The tapered variety suits Harleys with thinner fenders, like the Softail variants, while standard shapes fit better on larger cruiser and touring models like the Street Glide and Road King.

When shopping for a fender bib, consider materials, workmanship, and sizes. These accessories often feature vinyl, leather, or synthetic leather, with felt backing to prevent scratches and reduce vibrations. Custom-fit fender bibs also include pre-punched holes and corrosion-resistant hardware for a secure fit. Ensure the size matches the pillion seat’s bolt placement, with widths typically ranging between 5 and 6 inches.

Details matter too—choose from plain, piped, embossed, studded, and various stitching patterns. These bibs are compatible with stock Harley seats and most aftermarket options.

Air Filters

To maintain engine performance, regularly check the condition of your air filter. Most stock Harley air filters are washable and reusable, but if yours shows signs of wear or persistent dust, it’s time for a replacement.

Harley air filters come in cotton gauze or oiled bath types. Newer models with fuel injection benefit from cotton gauze filters, which improve airflow, enhance engine sound, and provide superior filtration.

Remember that while air filters are inexpensive, they are crucial for engine health. Follow maintenance intervals (usually every 5000 miles) and clean related parts like the air box and throttle body for optimal performance.

Fuel Caps

Fuel caps on Harleys serve a dual purpose: they keep dust, water, and debris out of the fuel tank and contribute to the bike's aesthetics. Standard black caps might not excite you, but there are plenty of stylish alternatives.

Upgrade your Harley’s looks with chrome, engraved, matte black, satin, gloss, mesh, serrated, or custom fuel caps. Materials range from billet aluminum to anodized or polished steel, combining durability and rust resistance.

Fuel caps fit differently based on their location—left-side caps are non-vented, while right-side caps are vented to prevent pressure buildup. Options include screw-in or pop-up designs, with or without locks.

Harley Bike Covers

To protect your Harley’s chrome, leather, and paintwork, invest in a quality bike cover. Covers shield your bike from dust, grease, rust, scratches, and damage, protecting seats, tanks, controls, and wiring.

Choose between full covers for comprehensive protection or half covers for easier handling and storage. Indoor covers are breathable and ideal for garaged bikes, while outdoor covers offer both breathability and waterproofing. Stretch materials like polyester and lycra provide a snug fit, while non-stretch polypropylene covers are budget-friendly. Both types have soft-touch backings to be gentle on paint.

Bike Gloves

Gloves are essential for protecting your hands from falls, preventing vibrations and numbness on long rides, keeping you warm in cold weather, and enhancing grip and control.

They come in various materials and designs, including leather, mesh, and synthetic fibers, or combinations for improved mobility, comfort, and breathability. Choose from wrist-length or fingerless gloves for short rides, or gauntlet designs for added protection and comfort on long tours.