Prue Leith Takes on a New Role as the Great British Bake Off Biker!

It turns out that Prue Leith, the beloved judge from The Great British Bake Off, is a fan of sunny days out on not two, but three wheels. She’s been spotted riding her husband's Harley-Davidson Tri Glide!

This news comes from Mail Online and a social media post by Yeti Television, the production company behind her show, Prue Leith’s Cotswold Kitchen. According to the Mail, Leith enjoys zipping around on her husband John Playfair’s Tri Glide, especially appreciating the freedom of not having to wear a helmet on the three-wheeler.

At the Chelsea Flower Show, Leith shared:

“There is something about a Harley that people just love the sound of. It's safe to sit on because you can't turn over, so you don't have to wear a hat. It's like a Reliant Robin tricycle, and we go whizzing around the country.

“It has a lovely leather seat, it's so comfortable, and you can smell the newly mown grass as you ride through.”

While I don't condone the lack of helmet use—since trikes can topple over in extreme circumstances—I have to admit that riding a trike is on my bucket list, and I plan to try it in a few weeks.

Prue Leith is indeed a Great British Bake Off Biker!

Harley-Davidson offers two three-wheelers: the Tri Glide Ultra, priced at £39,595, and the Freewheeler, which costs £31,895. I have booked the Freewheeler, powered by a Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine producing 86bhp and featuring a 60-litre luggage compartment, for a test ride in early June.