The Harley-Davidson Undertaker will outperform rival cruisers, leaving them in the dust.

The Harley-Davidson Fat Boy stands out as a beloved model among the offerings from the Milwaukee manufacturer. Evidence of its popularity is seen not only in the abundance of stock versions on the streets but also in the myriad of customized iterations encountered almost daily.

Introduced in the late 1980s at the Daytona Bike Week, the Fat Boy emerged as a V-twin cruiser in the classic softail style. Its moniker, derived from its visually broader appearance compared to competing motorcycles when viewed head-on, quickly established it as a frontrunner in the cruiser category.

Adding to its allure was the endorsement by none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger himself. Through a savvy marketing maneuver by Harley, the Fat Boy secured a role in the iconic 1990s film, Terminator 2.

Arnold's T-800 character prominently rode the motorcycle in the movie's memorable chase scenes, catapulting it into the spotlight and garnering significant attention.

Since its on-screen debut in 1991, the Fat Boy lineage has endured fluctuations but remained ingrained in public consciousness. Customization shops further contribute to its legacy by elevating the Fat Boy to new heights.

Presently offered as the Fat Boy 114, the motorcycle boasts distinctive design elements, four color options, and an accessible price point, maintaining its status as a heavyweight contender.

However, many enthusiasts envision the Fat Boy beyond its cruiser role, turning to custom shops like Thunderbike to actualize their visions.

One recent standout conversion is the Undertaker, a collaboration between Thunderbike and Custom Chrome Europe (CCE). The Undertaker, characterized by its radical and aggressive design, showcases a plethora of custom parts offered by CCE, serving as both a remarkable custom build and a promotional platform.

The Undertaker's aesthetic is defined by glossy black juxtaposed with shiny metal, complemented by accents of deep dark red, creating a visually striking ensemble.

Custom covers protect various components, while a plethora of bespoke parts, including two-inch handlebars, satin grips, leather seat, and LED lighting, enhance both form and function.

The centerpiece of the Undertaker is its distinctive Revel wheels by Performance Machine, featuring a ten-spoke design with a two-color finish. Custom fenders, particularly a fiberglass front fender, shield the wheels.

While the original Fat Boy engine remains untouched, Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde silencers are fitted to the exhaust system for an enhanced auditory experience.

The total cost of the Undertaker's custom parts amounts to approximately 15,700 euros, with the wheels alone representing over $6,000 of the total cost.