Harley-Inspired Jeep Renegade Boasts a Fiery Paint Job

Hell’s Revenge, a one-of-a-kind concept based on the Jeep Renegade, was crafted by Garage Italia Customs with assistance from Jeep and Harley-Davidson. Unveiled at the rally in Portoroz, Slovenia, it addressed our long-held secret gripe about the Italian-made Jeep: its lack of fiery aesthetics. Alright, maybe that wasn’t our actual complaint, but if you’re going to adorn a Renegade with oversized Harley badges, a flame job reminiscent of motorcycle tanks is a fitting touch.

Garage Italia Customs didn’t stop at a mere coat of fluorescent flames on the Jeep’s front end. The European design firm also lifted the suspension, added a custom front skid plate, fitted unique wheels with chunky BF Goodrich tires, and installed two LED spotlights ahead of the windshield. Inside, the theme continues with a flame-painted dashboard and leather-and-black-denim seat upholstery, completing the outlaw rider aesthetic of Hell’s Revenge.

Regrettably, no modifications were made under the hood. Hell’s Revenge retains its stock 2.0-liter turbodiesel engine, which delivers 170 horsepower and nearly 260 lb-ft of torque, paired with a 9-speed automatic transmission—much to the dismay of manual transmission enthusiasts.

Despite its fiery exterior, Hell’s Revenge remains quiet with its stock exhaust system, much to the disappointment of European H.O.G. Rally riders accustomed to their bikes’ loud exhausts. It’s all part of the lifestyle.