These Two Harley-Davidson Bikes Will Venture Where Others Can't Reach.

Harley-Davidson stands as an iconic motorcycle brand revered through the ages. Renowned for crafting cruiser bikes with powerful engines and timeless design, the company encapsulates the essence of biking—evoking notions of rebellion, freedom, and individuality. Yet, Harley's repertoire extends beyond cruisers, surprising many with its diverse range of motorcycles. While it maintains its core in cruiser and touring models, Harley also ventures into the realms of sport and adventure bikes, including some adept at off-road riding.

Yes, you heard it right—Harley-Davidson offers motorcycles tailored for dirt tracks and trails. However, owning a Harley comes at a premium, and their selection of off-road-ready bikes is somewhat restricted. Presently, the company presents only two models explicitly engineered for off-road usage: the Pan America® 1250 Special and the CVO™ Pan America®. These machines bear the iconic HD badge and boast impressive features, albeit at a considerable cost. Let's delve into these rugged terrains suited Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

Pan America® 1250 Special Part of Harley's 2024 adventure touring lineup, the Pan America 1250 Special boasts a robust 1250cc engine, generating 150 horsepower and reaching top speeds of approximately 140 miles per hour. Equipped with adaptive suspension, it ensures safe and comfortable traversal across diverse terrains. Moreover, its multiple ride modes enable customization of handling and performance, tailored to varying conditions. Complete with a passenger seat, windshield, a 6.8-inch screen displaying vital vehicle stats, built-in Bluetooth, and USB ports for device charging, it offers a comprehensive adventure package. Available in four colors with optional wheel styles, though lacking built-in storage, add-ons like saddlebags can be easily mounted. Priced at $19,999, it's a premium choice for enthusiasts seeking Harley's renowned expertise in adventure biking.

CVO™ Pan America® The elder sibling of the Pan America 1250 Special, the CVO Pan America shares many attributes, including the same engine and performance specs. However, it distinguishes itself with extensive storage options—a critical feature for adventure bikes designed for long-distance travel across varied terrains. Boasting 4.24 cubic feet of storage, it enhances practicality significantly. Additionally, it offers a lower ride height and higher ground clearance, enhancing comfort and maneuverability, particularly for smaller riders and rugged landscapes. Adorned in Harley's legendary orange with black trim, it exudes style and sophistication. Priced at $28,399, it's a premium offering, appealing to ardent Harley aficionados and adventurous spirits alike.

Why These Bikes? We've spotlighted these bikes primarily because Harley-Davidson currently offers only two off-road-capable models. While user feedback was considered, our focus was to showcase Harley's foray into tough-terrain biking and elucidate the allure of these rides. Amidst a sea of adventure and motocross options, Harley's emphasis on cruisers makes these adventure bikes stand out, particularly for dedicated Harley enthusiasts seeking off-road escapades.