Mission RCMP introduces their latest addition: a custom-designed Harley Davidson police motorcycle.

The Mission Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) has rolled out its latest addition to law enforcement: a customized Police Harley Davidson motorcycle. This new vehicle, integrated into the Mission Traffic Services, is aimed at cracking down on traffic violations, particularly distracted driving, with the primary objective of curbing injuries, fatalities, and vehicle damage resulting from these dangerous habits.

Constable Rob Scott will take the reins of this sleek Harley, making his presence felt across the City of Mission as he conducts patrols in the coming months.

With its nimble maneuverability and enhanced visibility, the motorcycle offers a tactical advantage in navigating through congested traffic while providing officers with a clearer perspective of their surroundings. According to Corporal Jason Raaflaub, the media relations officer for the Mission RCMP, the introduction of this motorbike represents a significant step towards ensuring the safety of motorists in the region.

In the month of May alone, the Mission Traffic Section issued a staggering 79 violation tickets under the Motor Vehicle Act, underscoring the pressing need for increased enforcement measures.

As the summer season approaches, motorists are urged to prioritize safety and remain vigilant on the roads, with Constable Scott and his trusty Harley Davidson keeping a watchful eye on traffic offenders.