April Fools' Day Surprise: Harley-Davidson 'New Model' Revealed as Dealer's Playful Trick

A Dutch Harley-Davidson dealer caused a stir among H-D enthusiasts worldwide recently with photos supposedly unveiling a new model – a 2013 "FXDX". These images, seemingly depicting the new bike being unboxed with factory-style packaging, turned out to showcase a custom creation by dealer Bas Leek of West Coast Motors.

However, the revelation came days after the initial photos were shared on West Coast Motor's Facebook page, intentionally igniting widespread curiosity among Harley fans intrigued by the purported new release. The original post featured a cryptic line: “Oops!! What did they send us now?” without further explanation.

It wasn't until yesterday that the dealer admitted to the playful ruse, disclosing that the bike was part April Fool's joke, part publicity stunt, and part a message to Harley-Davidson that a genuine FXDX could garner success if produced. A forum post on the XR1200 Owners Group, seemingly from the dealer himself, delves into the rationale behind the prank and the meticulous effort invested in it.

Crafted from a brand-new Street Bob, the bike incorporates authentic Harley components wherever feasible to create the illusion of a factory endeavor. The front end and swingarm are sourced from an XR1200, modified and seamlessly integrated with the Street Bob's Dyna frame. A distinctive 2005 FXD fuel tank boasts a bespoke paint scheme mimicking a factory finish, while meticulous attention to detail ensures authenticity, down to the warning stickers, lending the impression of a production model rather than a custom build.

Even the packaging box, glimpsed in the background of some images, was adorned with stickers reflecting the bike's identity as the non-existent FXDX.