A YouTuber endeavors to get a vintage 1920s Harley-Davidson engine-propelled aircraft airborne.

Would you consider piloting a 1920s aircraft powered by a Harley-Davidson engine if it were in good shape? Well, the team at Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum in North Carolina had different ideas.

Originally established by Dale Walksler and now overseen by his son, Matt, this museum boasts relics spanning decades and even operates a YouTube channel. Their latest venture? Attempting to get a 1920s airplane, equipped with a Harley-Davidson engine, airborne.

Yes, you read that correctly – a plane from nearly a century ago, fitted with the power of a Harley-Davidson engine.

While some might argue that such a plane belongs in a museum, the YouTuber decided to take it for a spin, quite literally.

Stored on a garage table for some time, Matt was doubtful about its functionality. With a wingspan of 26 feet, it's a compact, lightweight single-engine aircraft.

After disassembling and reassembling the wings to move it out of the garage, Matt exclaimed, "This thing is in incredible condition."

And indeed, it is quite a bold claim.

The backstory adds to the intrigue – built by a 20-year-old in 1927 from plans he won in a contest, the plane features a V-Twin Harley-Davidson engine.

Routine maintenance done, it was time to test it. With a manual propeller rotation to kickstart the engine, the moment of truth arrived – and yes, it started spinning.

Even if flight remains a distant goal, getting the engine running is a feat worth celebrating.

More safety checks followed, and they even managed to 'taxi' the plane on a makeshift runway.

But while the museum's name suggests a focus on wheels, not wings, Matt is confident that with further work, this 1927 custom plane with its Harley-Davidson engine can indeed take to the skies.