Harley-Davidson is hinting at a collaboration with Slipknot's Jim Root.

As we eagerly await potentially significant Slipknot news this week— with the band set to co-headline Las Vegas’ Sick New World on Saturday and possibly even staging a one-night-only show before then—Jim Root has been immersed in another exciting project.

A teaser has just been released, hinting at Root's collaboration once again with Harley-Davidson, this time partnering with bespoke motorcycle company Motorwitch. A brief video showcases various elements of the motorcycle build, confirming that "The Motorwitch x James Root build is Surfacing in 2 weeks" (clever wordplay there!).

Meanwhile, Slipknot has been dropping hints on youcantkillme.com. While the website urges fans to "Pay attention... the answers are all around you," the specifics of their plans remain undisclosed for now. Presumably, however, we'll soon learn about their new drummer amidst all this anticipation.