A man trades a meteorite for a Harley- Davidson motorcycle

Jim Griffey, a 63-year-old resident of Cabot, Arkansas, stumbled upon a meteorite while using a hole-boring tool to prepare his backyard for planting trees. Initially dismissing it as just another rock, Griffey later revisited the discovery and found it intriguing. "I've got a few interesting rocks in my shed. One has some fossils in it, another is some fool's gold," he remarked.

Upon testing the peculiar rock with a magnet, Griffey was surprised when it strongly attracted the magnet. Excited by the find and fueled by his passion for motorcycles, he contacted his local Harley-Davidson dealer, Landers Harley Davidson, proposing a trade: the meteorite for a motorcycle.

In his own words, Griffey expressed his readiness for an old Harley, noting, "You know I don't mind taking an old Harley that will smoke cause I'm 63 and I smoke a little bit too." Astonishingly, the dealer agreed to the trade, and Griffey is set to collect his new motorcycle in exchange for the meteorite—a remarkable outcome for a morning's endeavor.