Jason Momoa crafts a timeless Harley Davidson as a family heirloom for Father's Day.

Just when you thought Jason Momoa, known for his roles in Game of Thrones and Aquaman, couldn't get any more awesome, he surprises us with a deeply moving short film chronicling his journey with motorcycles.

In an inspiring move to instill his children with the courage to pursue their dreams, Momoa decided to craft his own vintage Harley Davidson for Father's Day. This heartfelt endeavor is immortalized in the captivating short film titled 'Where the Wild Stomped In'.

The film beautifully captures Jason's lifelong passion for motorcycling, tracing back to his childhood at age six and culminating in the creation of his very own Harley, built with the assistance of his children using parts from a Knucklehead motor he salvaged over 30 years ago.

While his wife, Lisa Bonet, initially had reservations about their kids riding on the back of his motorcycle, Momoa negotiated a compromise by adding a sidecar for their safety.

Isn't he the epitome of a cool dad?

Jason's devotion to Harley Davidson runs deep, having acquired his first bike, a 1957 Panhead, at 19 years old and affectionately naming it after his grandmother, Mable. His love for the open road and the freedom it represents is a passion he hopes to pass down to his children, ensuring the legacy of the bike endures for generations to come.