Could this diamond-studded Harley-Davidson be the priciest motorcycle on the planet?

What happens when you combine a Swiss watchmaker with an iconic American motorcycle brand? You might not immediately think of the world's priciest motorcycle, but that's exactly what Carl F. Bucherer and Harley-Davidson specialist Bündnerbike achieved.

Transforming a Harley-Davidson Softail Slim S into the extravagant Blue Edition required the skilled hands of eight artisans dedicating 2,500 hours to craft a bespoke, jewel-encrusted masterpiece. Heat-resistant LEDs illuminate the engine, accentuating gold-plated throttle valves, while diamonds embellish forks and handlebars, all set against a cowhide saddle nestled between the curved fuel tank and the imposing rear wheel.

Yet, the pièce de résistance lies within the tank's opulent extras. On one side, an armored glass dome shelters a retractable safe housing a 5.40ct diamond six-prong Heaven solitaire ring by Bucherer Fine Jewellery. On the opposite side, a custom Carl F. Bucherer watch, inspired by the Patravi TravelTec II, sits snugly within a silicon ring cage, ensuring it stays wound even when the bike is at rest.

This unique creation, showcasing the pinnacle of craftsmanship from both brands, comes with a bonus: a second watch echoing the Blue Edition's design elements on the dial, ensuring the buyer always carries a piece of Swiss horology excellence. Priced at 1.89 million Swiss francs (£1.4 million), this masterpiece sets a new standard in motorcycle luxury.