Documentary Unveiled: Harley-Davidson Reigns Supreme in the World of Baggers

In just a few short years since its inception, the King of The Baggers (KOTB) race series has mesmerized audiences and defied expectations, emerging as one of the most unexpected phenomena in motorsport worldwide.

The spectacle of massive near-two-liter cruisers battling it out on the track, reaching astonishing speeds, has captivated fans across the United States and beyond. While precise details about the bikes remain undisclosed, insiders suggest they boast over 200bhp of peak power, packed into machines weighing nearly 300kg. Remarkably, advancements in development allow them to tackle certain circuits at speeds comparable to those of traditional race-prepped sports bikes.

Now, enthusiasts can delve into this narrative beyond race weekends, thanks to Harley-Davidson's production of a documentary centered on its factory-backed team, led by riders Kyle Wyman and James Rispoli.

Titled "Push the Limit: Harley-Davidson Racing 2," the documentary chronicles the gripping 2023 season, showcasing standout performances such as those of factory rider Kyle Wyman, the most successful competitor in King of the Baggers history. Wyman clinched victory in seven races during the 2023 season and secured third place in the championship standings. With an impressive track record of 14 wins out of 26 races since the series' inception in the 2021 season, Wyman also claimed the 2021 season championship.

The documentary series further highlights reigning King of the Baggers champion Hayden Gillim, alongside James Rispoli, Travis Wyman, Cory West, Jake Lewis, Patricia Fernandez-West, Frankie Garcia, and more.