Harley-Davidson Introduces Smart Vest with Dainese Airbag Technology for Riders

Motorcycle riding has always posed a higher level of risk compared to driving in a car. While cars have seen advancements in safety features like seatbelts and airbags over the years, adapting these innovations to motorcycles has proven challenging. Consequently, companies in the industry have focused on enhancing rider safety.

For decades, motorcycle airbags have been a crucial safety measure. Rather than being integrated into the motorcycle itself, these systems are built into the protective gear worn by riders. Dainese, a leading player in the field, has developed D-air technology, hailed as the "ultimate protection" for motorcyclists. This advanced system automatically deploys when sensors detect imminent danger, providing vital protection against certain types of injuries in accidents.

D-air technology is integrated into various jackets and vests worldwide, including Harley-Davidson's latest offering, the Smart Vest. This innovative vest is designed to deploy instantly upon detecting a collision on the chest or central back, utilizing a network of sensors that monitor surroundings at a rate of 1,000 times per second. When an impact is detected, the airbags swiftly inflate, covering the chest and corresponding back area and forming a seal with the helmet. While not foolproof, this system significantly reduces the risk of specific injuries.

The D-air system incorporates sensors, two gas generators to deploy the airbags (which can be replaced at authorized dealers), and a rechargeable battery with up to 26 hours of charge. The system activates when the motorcycle is in motion, sensing vibrations or speeds exceeding 6.2 mph, and remains inactive when the rider is off the bike.

An indicator light on the left chest signals the system's readiness, accompanied by vibrations for added awareness. Harley-Davidson offers D-air vests for both men (sizes S to 2XL) and women (sizes XS to 2XL). Crafted from perforated cowhide leather for cooling and flexibility, these vests feature zippered handwarmer pockets, reflective material, and branded detailing on the shoulders. They are slim enough to be worn under or over a riding jacket.

Both men's and women's vests are priced at $850 and are currently available for purchase.