Colorado Women Bikers Rally: A Record Attempt with Heart

A group of women bikers in Colorado gathered at the Harley Davidson dealership in Frederick with the aim of setting a world record. Over 430 women arrived on motorcycles, aiming to surpass the existing record for the largest gathering of women riders in one location. Susan Udero, the organizer of the Colorado Women's World Record Ride, highlighted the growing presence of female bikers in the state, with around 4,000 to 5,000 women among the 88,000 registered bikers. Although the attempt fell short of breaking the record held by the United Kingdom, where over 1,100 riders participated, the event successfully raised substantial funds for children with Autism. Udero expressed her delight at the event's impact, while Jesse Ogas, Executive Director of Firefly Autism, emphasized the importance of the proceeds for supporting affected children and families. Firefly Autism, based in Denver, provides vital assistance to individuals impacted by autism, offering support from infancy to early adulthood. Despite falling short of the world record, organizers remain optimistic about future attempts to attract more women riders. In jest, they noted that they did manage to set a record for the most women bikers with records present at the event, showcasing their spirit and determination.