"Revolutionizing Motorcycle Memorabilia: The Story of Peter Manning's Life-Size Harley-Davidson Kit"

Bike enthusiast Peter Manning's passion for Harley-Davidson motorcycles transcended mere ownership. As an accomplished product designer and devoted two-wheeled aficionado hailing from Somerset, England, Manning embarked on a two-year journey to create something unique: a life-size, self-assembly Harley-Davidson kit, a pioneering feat in the world of motorcycle memorabilia.

Drawing inspiration from the classic 1960's Harley Davidson Duo-Glide housed at the Haynes Motor Museum, Manning meticulously crafted the blueprint for his kit, eschewing digital tools in favor of hand-drawn sketches on drafting film. Collaborating with CAD engineers, he transformed these sketches into intricate 3-D models, laying the groundwork for the kit's production.

Priced at £525, the kit boasts over 50 vacuum-formed ABS plastic parts and over 180 components, including authentic metal handlebars and a side stand. Manning's vision found support from MHP Industries Ltd. in High Wycombe, England, which not only handled the vacuum forming but also invested in Manning's venture, Full Size Kits Ltd.

Mark Hipgrove, managing director of MHP, recounted their initial skepticism turning into enthusiasm for Manning's brainchild. The kit, despite its mere 16-kilogram weight compared to the original's 272 kilograms, promises an authentic assembly experience achievable by any skilled adult.

With interest already pouring in from the U.S. and plans to tap into the European market, Manning is eyeing themed bars and retail displays as potential clientele. However, logistical challenges loom, with shipping costs nearly matching the kit's price tag.

Nevertheless, Manning remains undeterred, already envisioning his next endeavor: a model of a Triumph motorcycle. As orders trickle in, his pioneering kit is poised to make a mark in the world of motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors alike.