The Harley-Davidson Glatzzomobil proudly rises on a massive platform, its large wheels commanding.

Working for a custom motorcycle shop offers the unique advantage of prioritizing your own projects, ensuring they receive top-notch attention from the entire crew. Additionally, these personal builds guarantee exclusivity, ensuring that no one else in the world rides anything remotely similar.

Thunderbike, a renowned custom motorcycle garage in Germany, boasts three years of experience and international recognition. While primarily catering to external clients and supplying motorcycle parts to other garages globally, they occasionally indulge in crafting bikes for internal use.

The Glatzzomobil exemplifies this practice, originating from a Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST and undergoing extensive modifications to emerge as a striking mechanical masterpiece. With its distinctive black and copper color scheme and intricate detailing, this bike commands attention wherever it goes.

Key modifications focused on the wheels, with Thunderbike's Digger series replacing the stock ones, resulting in a more imposing appearance. The addition of 9-inch risers and a custom leather-wrapped stepped seat further enhances the bike's aesthetics and rider comfort.

Various upgrades such as new turn signals, handlebar grips, and covers contribute to the bike's overall appeal. While Thunderbike lists 17 distinct custom parts worth approximately $6,600, the final cost may be higher considering the labor and paintwork involved.

In essence, the Glatzzomobil epitomizes Thunderbike's commitment to pushing the boundaries of custom motorcycle design, reflecting both craftsmanship and individuality.