Recalling Elton John's surprise concert for Harley Davidson, where thousands booed and walked out.

Elton John, an esteemed and revered artist, is amidst a monumental farewell tour, leading him to a packed Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee this Saturday.

However, there's a particular show in Milwaukee that didn't quite hit the right note with thousands in attendance — it was at the Harley-Davidson 100th anniversary bash back in 2003, where John was the surprise headliner.

The celebration for Harley-Davidson's milestone was monumental, with over 200,000 bikers anticipated. Such was the craze that hotel rooms were booked out seven months ahead, and homeowners were renting their houses for exorbitant rates to accommodate guests. The climax of the festivities was a free concert on August 31 at Veterans Park.

Leading up to this grand event, there was a veil of secrecy surrounding the lineup, adding to the anticipation. Despite speculation about acts like the Rolling Stones or Bruce Springsteen, it was Elton John who took the stage as the grand finale performer.

However, the event didn't quite meet expectations. Lines for refreshments were long, and some stands ran out of beer early. Even the MC, Dan Aykroyd, seemed unprepared, resorting to clichéd lines. The performances by The Doobie Brothers and Tim McGraw didn't resonate well with the crowd either.

When Elton John finally performed, his string of hits was met with mixed reactions, including scattered applause and boos. Ultimately, the crowd thinned out, and many left early.

The aftermath of the concert was significant, with attendees expressing disappointment and even writing letters to the editor. The event became synonymous with hype followed by letdown in Milwaukee.

Despite the debacle, Elton John returned to Milwaukee two years later for a more successful show. And when Harley-Davidson announced their 105th anniversary bash, they made sure to avoid any repeat of the Elton John incident by booking Bruce Springsteen, much to the delight of fans.