Harley-Davidson Road King Customized as

In the realm of touring motorcycles, few command the road like the Harley-Davidson Road King. This iconic model, currently offered exclusively in its Special version, reigns supreme among baggers, embodying the epitome of Grand American Touring bikes (CVO models notwithstanding).

While the Road King arrives fully equipped for extensive cross-country journeys, boasting a potent Milwaukee-Eight 114 engine, floorboards, saddlebags, and a sound system, some riders seek that extra touch of individuality. Enter specialized custom garages, offering the opportunity to elevate an already remarkable ride to new heights of cool.

One such customization venture recently caught attention when a Road King owner entrusted their machine to the expertise of German specialists Thunderbike. The result? A subtle yet impactful transformation, aimed at enhancing the classic Harley riding experience.

Thunderbike's modifications focused primarily on enhancing rider and passenger comfort and aesthetics. The front end received a set of Flip 2 handlebars, raising the rider's position by 32 cm (13 inches) for improved ergonomics. Complementing these are custom mirrors discreetly integrated beneath each handlebar.

At the rear, Thunderbike addressed concerns over the Road King's seat slope by adding a sissy bar, while nearly invisible turn signals further refine the bike's sleek profile.

While powertrain modifications were minimal, retaining the stock performance figures of 95 horsepower, the most notable change lies in the custom paint job. Departing from Harley's standard color options, Thunderbike's rendition, dubbed "Captain Cruise," boasts an Olivgrau hue accented by champagne beige wheels, evoking a distinct military-inspired aesthetic.

Despite the transformation, Thunderbike kept costs modest, with added hardware totaling just over 1,000 euros. However, this figure excludes expenses associated with the custom paintwork and labor hours, leaving the overall project's value undisclosed.

In essence, "Captain Cruise" stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of the Road King, reaffirming its status as the sovereign of cruiser motorcycles.