Bikers stage doorstep rally to lift spirits of Moulton care home residents.

Local care home residents were treated to a heartwarming surprise as regulars from a nearby pub organized a bike rally right on their doorstep. Led by Rachel Nash, licensee of the King Billy Rock Bar in Northampton, along with six patrons, the group revved up their Harley-Davidson and Yamaha machines and made their way to Ashurst Mews Care Homes in Moulton.

The idea stemmed from a compassionate team member at the care home who orchestrates entertainment activities for the residents. As the bikers arrived, the residents were visibly delighted, engaging in lively conversations and swapping stories with the riders. For many of them, it was a unique and thrilling experience, with some even mustering the courage to sit atop the powerful bikes.

Rachel Nash, who has a personal connection to the biking community, expressed the joy shared by both the pub regulars and the care home residents. She emphasized the importance of community engagement, citing initiatives like their annual Santa Dash, which brings cheer to local teenagers in care.

However, Nash expressed concerns about the challenging economic climate affecting such community events, stressing the vital role of local pubs as more than just drinking establishments. She highlighted their role as community hubs, providing support for various initiatives ranging from food banks to fundraising events for grassroots sports clubs.

Des O'Flanagan, co-founder of PubAid, echoed Nash's sentiments, underlining the significant contributions pubs make to charitable causes and community cohesion. He lamented the potential loss of such vital community activities as more pubs face closure.