The Evesham Police Foundation gifts the township's department with two brand-new Harley Davidson's.

During the Evesham Township Council Meeting, the Evesham Police Foundation generously presented the Evesham Police Department with two 2024 Harley Davidson Road King motorcycles.

Operating as an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, the Evesham Police Foundation dedicates itself to fostering positive police/community relations, advancing crime prevention, and enhancing public safety through grants for specialized equipment, training, and collaborative community initiatives. Governed by volunteer directors, the foundation raised funds for this significant donation, marking the largest single equipment contribution to the police department to date.

Executive Director Bill Gelernt expressed the foundation's commitment to bolstering the department's services for Evesham Township residents, emphasizing their pride in the donation and its potential to elevate community safety.

Procured from Barb’s Harley Davidson at a cost of $53,000, the motorcycles symbolize a valuable partnership between the foundation and the police department. Chief Walt Miller acknowledged the foundation's instrumental support, underscoring its role in providing financial resources without burdening taxpayers.

Designed to enhance traffic enforcement, traffic management, community engagement, and special event security, the motorcycles represent the department's first foray into motorized patrol.

Four officers—Danielle Torres, Zach Amiss, Ian Traver, and Adrian Plocica—have been chosen to undergo motorcycle training at the Philadelphia Police Academy in preparation for their roles as motorcycle officers. Their deployment signifies a significant milestone for both the department and the community.

The Evesham Police Department extends its heartfelt gratitude to the Evesham Police Foundation's directors—Bill Gelernt, Lou Forrester, Anthony Papaneri, Jayesh Parikh, Sandy Student, Dr. Carlyn Phucas, Kevin Lau, Mark McKenna, and Kyle Moyer—for their unwavering support.