For Sale: Historic Scottish Cottage with Harley-Davidson Heritage

Nestled in the quaint hamlet of Netherton near Aberlemno, Angus, lies Davidson Cottage, the ancestral home of William C. Davidson, who later founded Harley-Davidson after migrating to the United States in the 19th century, as reported by The Scotsman.

Initially a dilapidated structure, the cottage has undergone a remarkable transformation from a crumbling ruin to an "authentic piece of history," thanks to restoration efforts spearheaded by a group of Harley enthusiasts around 2008, according to the source De Bene esse.

Officially reopened in 2012 by Maggie Sheritt, Mike Sinclair, and Keith Macintosh, Davidson's Cottage has since become a focal point for the Harley-Davidson community. Each year, a festival celebrating Harley-Davidson's Scottish heritage is held in nearby Brechin, drawing hundreds of bikers from far and wide.

Ruaraidh Ogilvie, Residential Director for Savills (Brechin), describes Davidson Cottage as a "truly unique proposition," attracting Harley-Davidson aficionados worldwide as a pilgrimage site and captivating holiday destination.

With meticulous attention to preserving its early Victorian charm, the cottage boasts a modern service block while retaining its historic character, making it an enticing addition to the market, as noted in The Scotsman.

Currently priced at over £320,000, this charming abode is poised to enchant the discerning Harley enthusiast.