Legendary Pulp Fiction Harley-Davidson FXR Fetches Over $30,000 in Sale

I sense you're contemplating: "Ah, the iconic Pulp Fiction motorcycle!" But hold that thought. It's no mere motorcycle, my friend, it's a chopper.

Indeed, the legendary screen-used Harley-Davidson FXR from Pulp Fiction is hitting the auction stage, part of a colossal collection of over 1,600 items presented by a Dallas auction house. Among the offerings are Water World Jet Skis, Judge Dredd’s scooter-based motorcycle, and a plethora of other props and costumes. Yet, amidst this array, only one stands out as the FXR.

In the film, Bruce Willis' character, Butch Coolidge, liberates the bike from the late pawnshop proprietor Zed. While the script insists it's a chopper, the bike's frame appears untouched. Its alleged chopper identity is signified by "Grace" adorning the Fat Bob gas tank, extended fork tubes on the Wide Glide front end, and towering apehanger bars. Some signs of wear embellish "Grace," with minor scuffs, paint chips, and a broken taillight. An additional touch is the handlebar-mounted auxiliary tachometer, an uncommon feature that gains relevance upon closer inspection of the engine modifications.

Surprisingly unmentioned in the listings, this Evo-powered FXR boasts Feuling Engineering’s four-valve heads, indicative of its hot rod nature. The installation of such heads suggests further enhancements lurking beneath the surface, awaiting discovery by an intrepid rider willing to unleash "Grace's" full potential.

Presently housed at Bartels’ Harley-Davidson in Los Angeles, the bike's mechanical and electrical integrity remains untested, with its sale billed as memorabilia and accompanied only by a bill of sale. In the provided images, the gas caps are conspicuously open, leaving one to ponder how long it's been since they were last tightened.

While the final sale price remains undisclosed on Heritage Auctions’ website, the auction was at $31,500 just moments before its close. This figure stands considerably lower than the $60,000 reserve set during the 2020 auction, marking a notable valuation shift.