Harley-Davidson Unveils Pro Performance ST: Blending Racing Bagger with Luxury Club Styling

The bold move by Americans to pioneer bagger racing with 'King of the Baggers' seemed eccentric initially, but the spectacle of touring machines competing on circuits designed for more aggressive bikes has sparked a global trend. Inspired by this, Germany recently hosted its inaugural bagger races across three distinct tracks.

Drawing from the adrenaline of bagger racing, German specialist Thunderbike unveils the Harley-Davidson Low Rider ST, a striking blend of racing aggression and club-style luxury. This custom creation, fresh from Thunderbike's workshop, stands as a testament to the growing influence of bagger racing on motorcycle design.

Every detail of the Low Rider ST has been meticulously crafted by Thunderbike. From the oversized 21-inch front wheel to the bespoke handlebar setup aimed at embracing club style over traditional bagger aesthetics, no aspect has been overlooked. Mechanical enhancements include massive 340mm brake discs, a custom milled swingarm, and a performance-enhancing Dr. Jekill & Mr. Hyde exhaust system paired with the stock 117ci engine.

The customization extends to the exterior, with a unique paint job—unprecedented for Thunderbike—adorning the bike in a vibrant shade of green. Unveiled at the Custombike Show in Germany, the Harley-Davidson Pro Performance ST exemplifies the pinnacle of custom motorcycle craftsmanship. With parts totaling approximately 5,600 euros, it embodies a fusion of innovation and performance, shaping the future of bagger motorcycles on a global scale.