Lord Drake Kustoms Unveils the Remarkable Softail

Lord Drake Kustoms has struck gold once again with their latest masterpiece, "ENVY," a custom-built marvel based on the iconic 2001 Harley Davidson Fat Boy. This gem in the crown of Lord Drake Kustoms has piqued curiosity among motorcycle enthusiasts, and this report offers insights into its creation and unique features.

From the choice of the number "76" — a homage to the birth year of Fran Manen's wife — to its intriguing name, "ENVY," the bike's owner reveals the inspiration behind this creation. He shares that channeling negative emotions into hard work can yield remarkable results, exemplified by this stunning custom bike.

"ENVY" has quickly become a favorite among followers of Lord Drake Kustoms, with its owner, Francisco Ali Manén, noting the overwhelming response from the public. In fact, the bike has already received orders for two similar units, showcasing its undeniable allure and appeal.

What sets "ENVY" apart are the meticulous details incorporated into its design. From the integration of leather in various parts to the intricate simulation of internal wiring, every aspect of this Harley Davidson Softail Fat Boy has been carefully crafted to perfection.

While the name "ENVY" may raise eyebrows, it perfectly encapsulates the envy-inducing quality of this custom creation, which defies traditional classifications. Fran Manen describes it as a blend of Old School and Custom styles, with a hint of Boardtracker influence, setting it apart from conventional Cafe Racers or Bobbers.

The customization doesn't stop at the surface; "ENVY" boasts an array of modifications, including a converted chain transmission, hydraulic clutch, and internal wiring for a clean finish. From the chassis to the exhaust and air filter, no detail has been overlooked in the transformation of this Fat Boy.

In the words of the owner, "ENVY" serves as a reminder that envy is the enemy of the fortunate. Instead of harboring envy, one should channel it into inspiration and motivation, embodying the ethos of hard work and perseverance.

As "ENVY" continues to turn heads and capture hearts, it stands as a testament to Lord Drake Kustoms' commitment to pushing the boundaries of custom motorcycle design. With its intricate details and unmatched craftsmanship, this masterpiece is a symbol of excellence in the world of custom bikes.

SPECIFICATIONS: Base: 2001 Harley Davidson Fat Boy. Engine: 1450cc Twin Cam carburation MODIFICATIONS INCLUDE:

  • Custom chassis and swingarm.
  • Conversion to chain transmission.
  • Installation of hydraulic clutch.
  • Internal wiring for handlebars and chassis.
  • Suspension upgrades: Change of bars, bottles, and seatposts.
  • Wheels: Fat Daddy wheels 21” front and 18” rear.
  • Custom exhaust and air filter.
  • Customized handlebars, hand controls, odometers, keypads, and indicators.
  • Modifications to fuel tank, rear neck, and seat.
  • Custom oil tank and brake lines.
  • Transparent covers for engine and primary.
  • Metal front mask with leather lining.
  • Various aesthetic enhancements including brake discs, calipers, and indicators.
  • Leather interior for seatposts.
  • Custom fuel and oil caps.
  • Upgraded foot controls.
  • Custom paintwork, powder coating, chrome, and gold plating.