This Harley-Davidson Snow Bike Is Absolutely Insane.

Harley-Davidson motorcycles undeniably hold a special place in the custom bike scene, drawing crowds with their unique designs. We've featured various custom H-D creations here, ranging from supercharged Fat Boys to off-road Sportsters. This popularity often leads to extraordinary and unconventional projects, and today, we're delving into one such example. This project is centered around a well-known H-D bagger model, but it's unlike anything we've ever imagined, let alone witnessed in reality.

Introducing the Custom Harley-Davidson Sportster Custom Works Zon Hero. Hailing from Japan, this Sportster has undergone extensive modifications to set it apart. Originally a Harley-Davidson Street Glide, likely a 2014 model judging by distinctive features such as the fairing shape, halogen headlight, and saddlebags, as well as the '103' badging indicating its 1,690cc 103ci Twin Cam engine generating 105 pound-feet of torque and approximately 90 horsepower.

However, the showcased example isn't your typical Street Glide. Sporting raised ape hangers, a high-flow exhaust, and a striking fiery livery among other enhancements, it's been transformed into a formidable snow machine. The conversion aimed to equip the Street Glide for snowy terrain while retaining its essence. Thus, the bike's overall appearance, including the imposing batwing fairing and saddlebags, remained largely unchanged, with the only significant alteration being the switch from standard road wheels to a complete snowmobile setup.

Enter the Timbersled ARO conversion kit, originally designed for dirt bikes. Featuring a 129" x 11.5" x 2.5" Timbersled Traverse Track and dual shocks, all crafted from durable aluminum, this kit ensures the bike's capability to conquer even the most challenging snow-covered landscapes.

Given their previous experience, particularly with a recent project converting a 2008 Yamaha YZF-R1 into a snowmobile, the CBoysTV team approached this conversion with confidence and expertise. They replaced the Street Glide's tubular swingarm, rear shocks, shaft-pulley setup, and 16-inch wheel with the substantial snow track. Additionally, the front wheels and disc brakes were swapped out for a front plow. Despite the significant changes, the parts were seamlessly integrated, resulting in a snow machine that bears little resemblance to its original Street Glide form.