Harley-Davidson's Charitable Outreach: Extending a Helping Hand to Communities

For the past six years, Harley-Davidson of Carroll has been dedicated to fulfilling its pledge to "keep Carroll strong," co-owner Wade Adams affirmed. The local establishment, renowned for its American motorcycle brand, has garnered unwavering support from both its staff and patrons in this endeavor.

Highlighting the collaborative effort, Adams emphasized, "When we say ‘we,’ it’s a community effort."

Continuing its tradition of giving back, Harley-Davidson of Carroll is set to host its annual Marilyn Ruchti Golf Tournament at the Carroll Country Club this Sunday. All proceeds from the tournament will be directed to the St. Anthony Regional Hospital Cancer Center. The tournament pays homage to the late Marilyn Ruchti, mother of co-owner Terry Ruchti, who succumbed to cancer in 2019. Reflecting on her legacy of service to St. Anthony Regional Hospital, Terry Ruchti underscored the profound impact of cancer on individuals and families.

Recognizing the significance of local resources, Adams stressed the importance of the cancer center's presence in the community. "We’re fortunate to have something like that in this town," he remarked.

Beyond their support for healthcare initiatives, Harley-Davidson of Carroll remains actively engaged in uplifting other businesses. Over the past three years, they have contributed over 3,200 hours through Facebook Live sessions, showcasing various local enterprises. Expressing gratitude for their community involvement, Adams remarked, "We’re very grateful to be a part of this community and be able to help when we can."

Emphasizing the broader impact of their efforts, Ruchti underscored, "It’s never about the money, it’s what I can do to help."

Moreover, Harley-Davidson of Carroll extends assistance to other businesses by providing mentorship in digital marketing strategies. Recognizing the importance of adapting to evolving technologies, Adams emphasized the value of leveraging digital platforms to enhance business operations.

Reflecting on the interconnectedness of local enterprises, Adams emphasized the importance of collaborative practices over cutthroat competition. "There’s got to be a little bit of honor among men and women," he noted. "When you can edify a business and help them reach their goals, all it does is create a stronger environment."

In alignment with their ethos of community support, both Adams and Ruchti echoed a shared commitment to fostering a resilient and thriving local economy.