The award-winning custom Shovelhead from Japan is the Cyanos Harley-Davidson FL.

Annually hosted by Mooneyes, the Yokohama Hot Rod Custom Show attracts Japan's most esteemed builders, making it a hub for custom bike enthusiasts worldwide. Among its regulars is Takuya Aikawa, known as Sureshot, and his skilled team operating near Tokyo. Renowned for their modifications on American V-twins, particularly Harley-Davidsons, their latest triumph is the Cyanos bobber, which clinched the Best Motorcycle American award at Mooneyes in December 2023.

Commissioned from a 1968 Harley FL, Cyanos was tailored to the client's desires, featuring a hardtail with an electric starter but without the conventional suicide shifter. Sureshot revamped the bike entirely, replacing factory parts with custom-built components. Notably, the rear end was rebuilt with a tubular structure while the front forks were sourced from an Auto Race motorcycle, a nod to Japanese speedway racing.

The customization extended to the wheels, sporting lenticular billet aluminum hoops with stainless-steel spokes and traditional drum brakes. The engine, a Shovelhead mill, underwent a complete rebuild with high-quality components, including Kibblewhite valves and an Andrews cam. Aesthetic enhancements included in-house manufactured aluminum bodywork and bespoke handlebars with retro-style controls.

Local collaborators contributed to the finishing touches, wrapping the fuel tank and fender in a dark blue metal flake and handling detailing. The result is a visually striking bobber, highlighting Cyanos as a testament to Sureshot's mastery in custom motorcycle craftsmanship.