Conversation with the Vice President of Design at Harley-Davidson

Brad Richards, the Vice President of Design at Harley-Davidson, understands the importance of staying attuned to the trends and culture surrounding custom motorcycles to ensure the company's products remain relevant in a constantly evolving landscape.

Richards, often seen mingling at events like the 2021 Born Free show and Mama Tried in December, as well as the 2022 Paradise Road Show, engages directly with enthusiasts to grasp their aspirations and perspectives on Harley-Davidson's offerings.

Despite his high-ranking position within the billion-dollar company, Richards maintains a down-to-earth approach, immersing himself in the unique atmosphere of events like the Paradise Road Show held at the Saguaro Hotel in Palm Springs. He appreciates the thoughtful curation of motorcycles, cars, vendors, and music, which sets this show apart.

Observing the influx of younger attendees at Paradise, Richards acknowledges the significance of this generational shift in embracing the Harley-Davidson brand and lifestyle. He finds it inspiring to witness each new generation discovering and connecting with Harley-Davidson in their own distinct manner.

Richards emphasizes the vitality of the brand, as evidenced by the enthusiastic participation of diverse generations at events like the Paradise Road Show. He believes that Harley-Davidson's enduring appeal ensures its presence for generations to come.