New Harley-Davidson motorcycles introduced for New Orleans Police Department

The diligent officers at the New Orleans Police Department's Special Operations Division have recently been equipped with a fresh fleet of Harley-Davidson motorcycles to kick off the new year. With gleaming paint jobs and chrome accents, these new rides promise to make law enforcement duties even more enjoyable. Mayor LaToya Cantrell even took a moment to try one out, adding a touch of excitement to the occasion.

The upgrade doesn't stop at appearances; according to a report from, the new bikes come with improved features such as safer radio headsets, redesigned decals, enhanced lighting systems, upgraded brakes, and clearer gauges. This upgrade was long overdue, with the department receiving 40 Harley bikes in total, representing a significant investment of nearly a million dollars.

NOPD Superintendent Shaun Ferguson expressed his enthusiasm for the new additions, highlighting their importance in navigating through tight spaces and traffic to quickly respond to incidents. He emphasized the department's commitment to providing its officers with top-notch equipment to ensure the safety of both residents and visitors in the city.

In his statement, Superintendent Ferguson thanked Mayor Cantrell and the city council for their support in securing these resources, underscoring their dedication to equipping law enforcement with the tools necessary to fulfill their duties effectively.