At 82 years old, Ann-Margret continues to embrace the thrill of riding her Harley-Davidson.

At 82 years young, Ann-Margret is still embracing the fast-paced lifestyle. The iconic actress, known for her roles in "Bye Bye Birdie" and "Viva Las Vegas," recently attended the 25th Women’s Image Awards in Beverly Hills, where she shared her secret to staying youthful — her beloved Harley-Davidson.

Describing her lavender Harley adorned with white daisies, Ann-Margret expressed her love for speed, clarifying it's the thrill she craves, not any substance. Despite a storied career in Hollywood, she has no intentions of slowing down, attributing her passion for entertainment to her early dance lessons and supportive parents.

Born in Sweden in 1941, Ann-Margret moved to the U.S. as a child, where she pursued her dreams while balancing studies. Encouraged by her parents, she ventured into show business and was discovered by comedian George Burns, propelling her to stardom.

Reflecting on her childhood memories of riding motorcycles with her father and uncle, Ann-Margret explained her lifelong love for motorcycles and the exhilaration of the open road. Her current lavender Harley-Davidson with floral accents stands out among the crowd, symbolizing her unique spirit.

During the 1960s, Ann-Margret became an iconic sex symbol, a label she embraced with humor and appreciation. Her memorable roles alongside Elvis Presley in "Viva Las Vegas" and Pat Boone in "State Fair" further solidified her status in Hollywood history.

Despite rumors surrounding her relationship with Presley, Ann-Margret maintains discretion, cherishing the memories of their musical collaboration. With boundless energy and positivity inherited from her parents, she continues to approach life's adventures with enthusiasm and gratitude, embodying the mantra of embracing what you love without complaint.

Ann-Margret's unwavering spirit serves as an inspiration, reminding us that age is just a number, and the joy of living comes from pursuing our passions wholeheartedly.