Law enforcement disposes of gold-plated Harley Davidsons formerly in possession of the Comanchero Mo

The notable Harley Davidsons, adorned with gold plating and personalized plates, were confiscated by law enforcement during Operation Nova in 2019. This marks the inaugural instance where authorities have pursued such action with restrained assets. Commissioner Andrew Coster disclosed that the police applied under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act in early 2023, setting a precedent with this unique move.

Commissioner Coster emphasized the distinctiveness of the motorcycles' design and plates, directly associated with the Comancheros. Concerns arose that if the bikes were resold unchanged, they could potentially revert to the hands of the Comanchero gang, undermining the investigation's purpose.

Hence, the decision to dismantle them was made to send a resolute message against profiting from illicit activities. The estimated worth of the six bikes was approximately $96,000. Besides these, assets worth $2.6 million were restrained from the Comancheros during Operation Nova, leading to charges against 18 individuals for various serious offenses. The operation targeted the gang's senior leadership and their unlawful endeavors.

Recently, a former Comancheros secretary was convicted as part of Operation Nova and deported to Australia. Commissioner Coster highlighted the significance of destroying the bikes to prevent them from falling back into the wrong hands, providing reassurance to both law enforcement and the public.

Proceeds from selling the scrap metal will contribute to the consolidated crime fund. Additionally, assets seized during Operation Nova include $402,360 in cash, four Range Rover Sports, one Rolls-Royce Wraith, multiple luxury Mercedes and Audis, designer goods, and Auckland-based properties.