This is the Appearance of a Harley-Davidson Bagger Transformed into a Snow Bike

In their latest venture, the Cboys took on a remarkable challenge by converting an unexpected vehicle – a Harley-Davidson Street Glide adorned with flame decals – into a snow bike.

Yes, you read that correctly.

Equipping this heavy cruiser with a Timbersled ARO kit posed a significant challenge, as the kit is typically intended for lighter motocross bikes rather than hefty 800-pound baggers. Undeterred, the Cboys made the necessary modifications to transform the Street Glide into a capable "mountain machine". And much to their delight, the transformation proved to be highly successful – at least initially.

In their latest video, titled "Mountain Machine", the Cboys showcased the Street Glide snow bike effortlessly traversing mountain trails, accompanied by a Yamaha R1 snow bike that they had previously converted. The harmonious blend of the Yamaha's wailing inline-four and the Harley's thunderous V-twin roaring through the snowy landscape could easily serve as its own ASMR experience.

Seeking to push the Street Glide to its limits, the Cboys ventured off-trail into deep snow. Despite encountering challenges with the front ski occasionally digging into the snow, the snow bike demonstrated remarkable resilience, plowing forward like a "submarine in the snow".

Their adventure took them to Afton, Wyoming, where they stumbled upon a hill climb competition. While such competitions are typically reserved for purpose-built snowmobiles, the organizers made an exception for the Harley snow bike, much to everyone's surprise – including the creators themselves.

The Cboys' daring transformation of the Harley-Davidson Street Glide into a snow bike not only demonstrates their ingenuity and adventurous spirit but also underscores the endless possibilities for unconventional vehicle modifications.