At 90 years old, the fervor of an Air Force veteran for Harley-Davidson motorcycles stands.

Don Huffman's affinity for riding and restoring Harley-Davidson motorcycles spans over seven decades. At the age of 90 and a half, he emphasizes not to overlook the additional six months. His journey began at 18 when he acquired his first motorcycle, an Indian, which he still rides among his collection of approximately 30 bikes.

Throughout his Air Force tenure as a plane mechanic, Huffman's passion for motorcycles persisted, even accompanying him on overseas missions to North Africa. After four years of service, he left the Air Force to pursue his love for motorcycles, particularly Harleys.

For decades, Huffman operated a Harley dealership in Lakeland, although he admits to initially having little knowledge about the business. Despite this, he successfully managed it for 45 years before retiring and establishing a museum to house his cherished motorcycles.

The Huffman Harley museum, situated on his son Donnie's property, boasts a plethora of classic and antique motorcycles meticulously maintained by Huffman over the years, including three immaculate 1942 WLA models.

While his riding routine has slowed to 200 miles per week in group excursions, compared to the 500 miles he once covered solo, Huffman's dedication to riding remains unyielding. Despite numerous spills, including a recent incident, he persists, considering riding an integral aspect of his identity.

Huffman finds inspiration in fellow riders, like a 93-year-old mentioned in an article, reinforcing his belief that age should not deter one from pursuing their passions.