Harley-Davidson to Offer Riding Lessons to Entire Town

The chosen town, Ryder, situated in North Dakota, may be modest in size, with just 84 residents, but it's set to become a hub of motorcycle enthusiasts. Approximately 50 of Ryder's inhabitants are eligible for the program, meaning they possess an active driver's license and basic cycling skills, according to Anoop Prakash, the US Marketing and Market Development Director.

Harley-Davidson aims to have all eligible learners licensed and cruising by the end of the summer, as part of its initiative to foster 2 million new riders in the United States over the next decade, while also encouraging existing riders to remain active.

Mayor Jody Reinisch, a former motorcyclist who drifted away from the sport due to life's demands, is eagerly anticipating the influx of Harley enthusiasts. Reinisch envisions multiple generations of Ryder residents embarking on this new adventure together, exploring the beauty of their town and the surrounding area on two wheels.

Magic City Harley-Davidson, based in Minot, North Dakota, will be hosting the event in Ryder, offering beginner courses, showcasing bikes, and indulging in barbecue delights. To commemorate the occasion, Ryder will temporarily rename itself "Riders" for the summer, and its water tower will mirror the iconic one at Harley-Davidson headquarters in Milwaukee.

Harley-Davidson's Riding Academy courses closely resemble Motorcycle Safety Foundation beginner courses, providing a comprehensive two-day experience in a controlled environment. Participants learn essential skills on a protected range, with the opportunity to take their riding test as part of the course. While gear is not provided, participants can seek guidance from experts at the dealership to ensure they're properly equipped.

The course fee ranges from $300 to $500, depending on the dealership, with special discounts available for military personnel, first responders, and their spouses. While currently only available in the United States, Harley-Davidson's Riding Academy offers an excellent opportunity for aspiring riders to kickstart their journey on two wheels. This type of course would be helpful to all new Harley enthusiasts all around the world, North Dakota to Ontario.