Interview with Willie G. Davidson, the Grandson of a Harley-Davidson Motor Company Co-Founder

Renowned figure Willie G. Davidson has unveiled his latest literary venture, "Ride Free: A Memoir," chronicling his unique journey as the grandson of a Harley-Davidson Motor Company co-founder.

Joining the company in 1963 under the guidance of his father, Willie G. assumed the groundbreaking role of 'Design Director,' revolutionizing motorcycle aesthetics with his innovative designs.

Throughout his remarkable tenure spanning nearly half a century, Willie G. solidified his legacy, culminating in his retirement in 2012 as Senior Vice-president and Chief Styling Officer, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

Even at the age of 90, Willie G. remains synonymous with vintage style, a testament to his enduring creative spirit.

Beyond motorcycles, Willie G. has embraced his lifelong passion for painting, showcasing 40 abstract watercolors at the Delafield History Center at Hawk's Inn.

Distinct from his iconic motorcycle designs, Willie G.'s paintings offer a glimpse into his artistic evolution, reflecting his love for the freedom of abstract expression.

His captivating memoir will debut during the company's 120th Anniversary celebration, with a public release slated for August 1st.

Moreover, a portion of the proceeds from the sale of his paintings will support the History Center at Hawk's Inn in Delafield, underscoring Willie G.'s commitment to his community. Additionally, his connection to Ontario, which influenced his artistry, is evident in his works and is a testament to his diverse inspirations.