The embodiment of flawless black and white interplay is epitomized in the customized Harley-Davidson

Derek Larke

The contemporary iteration of the Harley-Davidson Fat Boy stands as a formidable force, a heavyweight champion in Harley's own lexicon, unmatched by its competitors. Renowned and immortalized by Arnold Schwarzenegger's Terminator, this iconic ride undergoes a transformative journey in the hands of Bullock, a German custom garage.

Dating back to the 1990s, the Fat Boy has evolved through various metamorphoses, sculpting its path to iconic status. The factory version boasts the classic allure of "bright chrome and bold finishes," a signature that has endured over the years.

Yet, for Harley enthusiasts, factory offerings are merely a starting point. The craving for extra attention propels riders towards custom builds, and the Bullock-modified 2008 Fat Boy exemplifies the pinnacle of attraction.

Contrary to typical German Harley customizations, the Bullock-modified Fat Boy is not just a visual masterpiece but a profound engineering feat. While the frame retains its factory form, the suspension system, including the swingarm, undergoes a complete overhaul courtesy of RST Suspension.

Underneath the hood lies the Evolution engine, a powertrain predating the Fat Boy range. Producing a modest 58 horsepower, the focus is not on sheer power but on a deeper level of craftsmanship. The custom BSL exhaust system expels emissions, while the origin of the custom wheels remains undisclosed.

Aesthetically, the bike is a study in perfect black and white contrast. Custom metal fenders, the fuel tank, and portions of the frame are immaculately white, contrasting with the black elements. The headlight and fuel tank decorations, in shiny chrome, provide subtle exceptions to this monochromatic symphony.

The fuel tank undergoes modification to house the speedometer, seamlessly integrated into the air filter box. The overall simplicity of the design, with its meticulous attention to detail, defines perfection in black and white contrast.

While details about the project's cost and current location remain undisclosed by Bullock, such information becomes secondary. The essence lies in the transformative potential that skilled hands offer to every Harley, regardless of age. As an added touch, this stunning creation finds resonance even in the landscape of Ontario, contributing to the global allure of this bespoke Harley-Davidson Fat Boy.