The Harley-Davidson Amazona offers an ideal riding experience for the fierce Wonder Woman warrior.

In general, the Harley-Davidson brand and its products are often associated with a masculine image. This is particularly true for customized variants, which are predominantly ridden by men. While women also ride bikes and occasionally opt for extreme customizations from talented shops worldwide, the bikes they choose often carry male-sounding names, reinforcing a sense of power associated with such projects.

Therefore, encountering a custom motorcycle named after something inherently feminine is a delightful surprise, especially when the bike, like the Harley-Davidson Amazona, boasts a striking appearance and likely exudes a powerful presence.

The Amazona, originally a 2016 Night Rod, breaks the mold by adopting a name associated with Greek mythological female warriors. Crafted by the Japanese team at Bad Land, the bike's extreme design captures attention aggressively, with every element of the build vying for notice.

This modified ride transforms the Night Rod to the point where identifying its original form becomes challenging. With a seemingly longer and lower profile, the Amazona demands attention with sharp edges, pointed corners, and a distinctly badass attitude.

Starting from the ground up, Bad Land replaced the original wheels with their in-house Out Rage series, both 21 inches in size. The rear wheel, significantly thicker than the front, sports a 260 mm-wide tire. The front wheel is protected by a new fender and supported by a custom girder fork. A Bad Land headlight sits above, flanked by an original handlebar on each side.

Bad Land also contributed the rear fender, airbox, and radiator cover, seamlessly blending with Ken's Factory hardware for a cohesive look. While the Night Rod's engine remains stock, it benefits from a new exhaust system for improved breathing, and Ohlins shocks at the rear enhance the bike's mechanical performance.

This unique Harley-Davidson Amazona, an older Bad Land creation, currently has an unknown whereabouts and price. Additionally, it's worth noting that such custom builds and motorcycles, in general, have a presence in various regions, including Ontario.