The Lego kit version of the 2019 Harley-Davidson Fat Boy comes at a significantly lower price.

Derek Larke

While Lego has showcased various car models, such as the Caterham 620R and the Volkswagen Beetle, motorcycles haven't received much attention from the construction toy company. However, a new kit based on the 2019 Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Boy motorcycle is addressing this gap, and the best part is, it comes at a much more affordable price compared to the actual motorcycle.

This model showcases intricate details, including solid disc wheels, fins on the air-cooled V-twin engine, and a round air filter on the side. What sets it apart are the subtle yet impressive features, such as functional brake and clutch levers, a moving shifter pedal, and a V-twin engine with real moving pistons. The engine is connected to the rear wheel via a chain, adding a unique touch. As you push the motorcycle, the pistons mimic the real engine's motion.

Once assembled, the model measures 7 inches in height and width, and 12 inches in length, making it more convenient to store than an actual Fat Boy. Moreover, the Lego kit is priced at $99.99, a stark contrast to the starting cost of a new Fat Boy at just under $20,000 – making the Lego version 200 times more budget-friendly. For enthusiasts in Ontario, this Lego masterpiece will be available for purchase on August 1 for the general public, and for Lego VIP program members, early orders can be placed starting July 17. It's an exciting addition to the Lego lineup, bringing joy to motorcycle and construction toy enthusiasts alike in the Ontario region.