Preview of the Harley-Davidson Screamin' Eagle 135 Crate Engine

Derek Larke

Harley-Davidson has unveiled an exciting addition to its lineup with the introduction of the Screamin' Eagle 135ci (2,122cc) Stage IV Performance Crate Engine, tailored for 2021 and later touring models. This marks the most substantial and potent street-legal crate engine ever presented by H-D, boasting a price tag of $7,999.95, available in both black and chrome finishes. The engine is adaptable to two variations, catering to models equipped with either an air/oil-cooled Milwaukee-Eight or a twin-cooled Milwaukee-Eight cruiser engine.

This Screamin' Eagle V-twin crate engine, with a displacement of 2,122cc, incorporates a range of premium enhancements from Harley-Davidson. Designed for a seamless installation onto the original Touring chassis, it features high-compression forged pistons with a 10.7:1 ratio, CNC-ported cylinder heads to maximize efficiency, and a host of components including a new 68mm throttle body, CNC-machined intake manifold, Pro Billet cam plate and oil pump, high-performance cam bearing, high-lift camshaft, and high-capacity injectors.

The combined result of these upgrades yields an impressive performance output of up to 143 lb.-ft. of torque at 3,500 rpm and 130 hp at 5,500 rpm. Notably, these figures represent a remarkable 28 percent increase in torque and a substantial 41 percent boost in horsepower compared to the production Milwaukee-Eight 117 engine.

For riders looking to optimize their experience further, the wireless Screamin' Eagle Pro Street Performance Tuner is recommended to recalibrate the ECM and fine-tune engine output. Additionally, riders may consider adding the Screamin' Eagle Ventilator Extreme Air Cleaner and Street Cannon mufflers, available separately.

As motorcycle enthusiasts in Ontario look to elevate their riding experience, this new Screamin' Eagle crate engine provides a thrilling opportunity to enhance the performance of their Harley-Davidson touring models, delivering an unparalleled level of power and excitement on the open road.