Review of the Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle Road Glide by Kyle Wyman

Derek Larke

Review of Harley-Davidson Screamin Eagle Road Glide in MotoAmerica's King of The Baggers series has gained immense popularity. Recently, we had the opportunity to take a few laps on the championship-winning Road Glide, and the experience has left us exhilarated.

Kyle Wyman, the rider who piloted the Screamin' Eagle Road Glide to victory in the MotoAmerica King of the Baggers Championship, provided unique insights into this extraordinary road racer. The article, authored by Abhi Eswarappa and featuring photography by Brian J. Nelson and Kevin Wing, delves into the intriguing fusion of a bagger on the racetrack.

The King of the Baggers series, initiated by MotoAmerica in 2020, initially faced skepticism but quickly proved its worth, prompting its expansion into a three-race series the following year. The Harley-Davidson factory-backed team, led by the Wyman brothers, demonstrated the prowess of the Screamin' Eagle Road Glide, with Kyle Wyman securing the championship.

The article highlights the transformation of the Road Glide from a "Grand American Tourer" into a potent racer, emphasizing Harley-Davidson's commitment to developing superbikes from a unique starting point. Despite its weight exceeding 600 pounds, the Wyman bagger showcases remarkable agility on the track.

The review details the modifications made to the bike, including a 3-D printed pommel on the tank for better rider leverage, flat bars with adjustable offset, and peg locations that deviate significantly from stock. The bike's thunderous Screamin' Eagle exhaust, extending fins for improved heat dissipation, and additional oil cooler contribute to its formidable presence.

The article provides a firsthand account of the riding experience, describing the challenge of handling the tall seat height and the necessity of rain pucks for knee-down maneuvers. The power of the 2146cc V-twin engine, producing "over 150 horsepower" and an impressive torque range, is evident on the track.

The King of the Baggers bike surprises with its handling capabilities, offering a lean angle of 55 degrees on both sides. The review notes the stability throughout corners, attributing it to the combination of the stock frame, Öhlins superbike forks, and custom shocks tuned by a professional racer.

As the article draws to a close, it emphasizes the unique opportunity to ride a bike destined for Harley-Davidson's museum. The captivating experience underscores the importance of having the right tool for the job, leaving a lasting impression on the rider.

Adding an Ontario connection: While the article doesn't specifically mention Ontario, the review's insights into the King of the Baggers series and Harley-Davidson's iconic Road Glide resonate with motorcycle enthusiasts globally, including those in Ontario, where the love for powerful and distinctive bikes is a shared passion among riders.