The Harley-Davidson website reveals the comeback of '24 Models.

The MoCo has just notified us via email that the returning 2024 models are now featured on the Harley-Davidson website.

Curiously, the H-D PR email doesn't explicitly detail the returning machines. However, it provides the following snippet of information:

The limited-production 2024 models from Harley-Davidson® Custom Vehicle Operations™ (CVO™) and additional new Harley-Davidson motorcycle models will be unveiled through a special launch film titled "American Dreamin'" on at 10 a.m. CST on January 24.

Is "The Dawn of a New Era" mere marketing language, or are significant changes on the horizon? We've been informed it's the latter. Stay tuned for January 24, just three weeks away, to witness the introduction of new bikes. Coincidentally, we recently anticipated the launch of a Harley-Davidson Pan America 975, speculating it could occur by the end of January. Could our expectations be met, or are we in for disappointment again?

Upon exploring the Harley-Davidson website, it's worth mentioning that H-D is bringing back three Trike models for 2024 and two electric motorcycles under the LiveWire brand. Notably, the lineup retains only one Adventure Touring model, the Pan America 1250 Special, with the base model no longer available. Given the popularity of adventure bikes in the motorcycle market, one might wonder why Harley-Davidson isn't placing a stronger emphasis in this category. Is the Pan America's profit margin a concern, or are Harley enthusiasts not fully embracing the ADV scene? Alternatively, is this a matter of patience, recognizing that change takes time?

For our friends in Ontario, Canada, considering these developments, it's intriguing to see how Harley-Davidson's lineup is evolving. As the company unveils its 2024 models, riders from Ontario may find particular interest in the unique features and designs that cater to their preferences and riding conditions. While more details are expected in three weeks, anticipate a lineup dominated by cruisers, tourers, baggers, and similar models, with fewer offerings in the ADV segment.