Pair endeavors to kick-start a neglected Harley-Davidson left idle for six decades.

Most people wouldn't spare a glance for a decrepit motorcycle rusting away in a junkyard, especially if it's a beaten-up 1947 Harley-Davidson that supposedly ran well before being abandoned.

But for enthusiasts, there's always that spark of imagination, envisioning themselves cruising with the wind in their hair.

At Dale’s Wheels Through Time Museum in North Carolina, founded by Dale Walksler and now led by his son Matt, such relics find new life. Among them was a weathered 1947 Harley that had graced the museum for 15 to 20 years.

While its appearance screamed 'leave it be,' Dale and Matt saw potential. They embarked on a mission to revive the bike, documenting their endeavor on their YouTube channel.

The challenges were numerous. Thick layers of rust covered almost every inch of the exterior. The handlebars, fenders, and seat bore scars of past abuse, while a missing muffler added to the list of woes.

Undeterred, the father-son duo delved into extensive repairs. They replaced valves, cleaned the carburetor, and meticulously lubricated moving parts. After much effort, they braced themselves for the moment of truth.

With a kick from Matt, the engine roared to life. Though not yet road-ready, they silenced it briefly to fit a new muffler. Despite cracked wheels and a finicky dual-clutch system, the Harley, rusty but resilient, rumbled back into action.

For these restoration experts, resurrecting such relics is all in a day's work, showcasing their dedication to preserving pieces of motorcycling history